West Kalimantan Governor Inaugurates The Opening of The Non-Timber Forest Product Gallery

PONTIANAK - Governor of West Kalimantan, H. Sutarmidji, inaugurated the Non-Timber Forest Product Gallery in Jalan Veteran, Pontianak City, Friday (28/01/2022).

He asked UPT KPH (The Technical Implementation Unit of Forestry Management Unity) to inovate by planting the herbal plants. They are useful as medicinal plants for public.

“The products of KPH are only the honey and bajakah wood (Tradisional & Natural Cancer Medicine). They have to be inovative by planting the herbal plants to protect the forest,” said Governor.

The inauguration is marked by signing the inscription stone and opening the curtain of Non-Timber Forest Product Gallery. After that, Governor and others are walking around and seeing the products in the Gallery.

The inauguration is also attended by the Director of Forest Utilization Planning, Directorate General of Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL), Ir. Drasospolino, M.Sc., the Head of Environment and Forest Agency, Ir. Adi Yani, the Mayor of Pontianak City, Ir. H. Edi Rusdi Kamtono, and the Leader of Family Welfare and Empowerment Mobilization Team of West Kalimantan Province, Lismaryani Sutarmidji.

The Non-Timber Forest Product Gallery is located in the City Forest besides Pendopo of West Kalimantan Governor. In this moment, Governor also said that the government will build the jogging track for elderly.

“We will build the jogging track for elderly. After jogging before the Pendopo (a large pavilion of Governor), they can go into the City Forest, cooling down while seeing the Forest Product Gallery. Besides exercising, they can tour and get the new knowledge,” Governor explained.

He added that the government will plant some trees in the front of Governor’s Pendopo. Next, it will be an education place for students.

“We plan to plant some trees in front of Pendopo, such as Bilian (ulin), Bengkiray Wood, Pulai (Blackboard tree). Most people in the City do not know those. It will be a good place to educate students of Kindegarten, Primary School, and also Junior High School to learn about the nature,” said Governor.