Governor of West Kalimantan Ensures the Food Stock for Flood Victims is Adequate

SINTANG - West Kalimantan Governor, Sutarmidji, accompanied by Act. Regent of Sintang, Yosepha Hasnah, General Director of Kalbar Bank, Rokidi, and a number of Heads of Regional Units of province and regency visited the flood site in Desa Tanjungpuri, Sintang Regency, Tuesday (11/2/2021).

Governor of West Kalimantan asked the Regency of Sintang to expand the public kitchens for the flood victims to ease the burden of victims in refugee place.

“I instruct Sintang Regency government to expand the public kitchens and provide the instant food. Houses of the victims affected by flood will not be able to be used for cooking. So do Melawi Regency Government,” asked Sutarmidji.

Furthermore, Governor asked also the regional government and Regional Executives Forum (Forkopimda) to coordinate well and the assistance for victims can be conveyed properly.

“I hope regional, Forkopimda, and district government can coordinate well to record the victims who are not recorded, for example the victims that stay in family houses to get assistance,” the first person of West Kalimantan expected.

Governor emphasized to his staffs to provide the needs of victims.

“There are around 21.874 heads of families affected by flood in Sintang Regency and I don’t expect the complaint about the food stock. At least, we need to prepare the rice. Inform us if the rice is not enough,” the Government stressed.

West Kalimantan Province provided the 85 tons rice as food stock assistance and medicine to Sintang Regency. Besides, They will also deliver 50 tons of basic needs of the victims in Melawi Regency. (Dian Sati, S.S.)