West Kalimantan Governor Visited Kijing International Port Project

MEMPAWAH - West Kalimantan Governor H Sutarmidji, S.H., M.Hum conducted a review of the Kijing International Port project in District of Sungai Kunyit, Mempawah Regency, Tuesday (17/11/2020).

The visit reached the pier area in the middle of the sea, near the island of Temajuk, to see the physical progress of the development of the dock construction which becomes a ship port with a weight of 50-100 DWT.

H. Sutarmidji said that the construction of the pier which has reached 82.74 percent is a development of the Pontianak Port and has become one of the National Strategic Projects with the aim of anticipating and increasing the capacity of the Pontianak Port.

Meanwhile, the realization of the land terminal construction has reached 52,92 percent and will become the largest international standard terminal on the island of Kalimantan and its existence will be integrated with the Special Economic Zone.

"Kijing International Port development project must be completed quickly, because it is very much needed for the accelerated development of the economy in West Kalimantan, I would also like to thank Pelindo II and the executor of PT.WIKA's development who are pursuing this target of accelerating development," he said.