Governor Regulation to Educate Societies to Prevent Spread Out COVID-19

PONTIANAK - The West Kalimantan Provincial Government is synergizing with the Regional Police and the Tanjungpura XII Military Regional Command to disseminate West Kalimantan Governor Regulation Number 110 of 2020 concerning the Application of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as Efforts to Prevent and Control Covid-19.


West Kalimantan Provincial Secretary, A.L. Leysandri emphasized that the application of sanctions for violating health protocols is to educate the public so they can adapt to new habits. He hopes that people will continue to strive to maintain health by diligently washing their hands and wearing masks when doing activities outside the home.


"In implementing these sanctions, the most important goal is education, so that the public understands that we maintain health, so the Government protects the community from the Covid-19 pandemic," he explained in Pontianak, Thursday (3 September 2020).


In this dissemination, Leysandri explained technical instructions on the implementation of raids on administrative and social sanctions. The former Regional Secretary of Sanggau Regency emphasized that administrative sanctions will be applied during field raids by Satpol PP.


"If this happens at the airport and port, then it is done by the transportation. For documents, Bapenda has prepared," said Leysandri.


The government has also provided brooms and trash cans for social sanctions. "If the social sanctions are the parents who are affected by the raid, maybe five minutes will be enough. Where they do the raid, we prepare all the brooms and trash cans," he explained.


Leysandri added, this Governor Regulation is only a guideline for districts / cities. It cannot be applied if there is a Regent/Mayor Regulation that regulates the same.


"If the regency / city has established the regulation, then this Governor Regulation cannot be applied. So what applies is the regulation of the Regent or Mayor, "he concluded.(wnd)


Translated by: Novi Muharrami, S.S.