Governor H. Sutarmidji Invites Corporations to Collaborate to Build Decent Roads for the Community

PONTIANAK - Governor of West Kalimantan, H. Sutarmidji, S.H., M.Hum, invites corporations to collaborate with government to build decent roads for the community. He asks them to build the dirt road so that vehicles can cross it.

He said it while attending Collaboration Meeting for Handling Provincial Road Maintenance with stakeholders by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Mechanism of 2021-2023. Sitting next to Governor H. Sutarmidji, Head of Bappeda (The Agency of Regional Development Planning of West Kalimantan Province),  Ir. Yuslinda, M.M.

"While our Government has budget for building, (the road) condition is steady. How we build this dirt road for being crossed. See, we get involved corporations," said H. Sutarmidji in Balai Petitih, West Kalimanan Governor Office Building, Thursday (27/8/2020).

He explained, principally, corporations agree to help government with clear regulations. For whom disobey the commitments, H. Sutarmidji threat the corporations by punishment.

"Later we will punish by investigating CSR. It's the corporate responsibility to society. If funds are not implemented to finance production, there will be manipulation. There are consequences that must be punished, "he said.