Governor of West Kalimantan was praised for Covid-19 Mitigation

National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) as the coordinator for Covid-19 Handling Acceleration has to deliver updated information related to Covid-19 outbreak. Enhancing the knowledge and awareness of people toward the covid-19 outbreak, the press conference performed by TVRI, ANTARA and RRI. 
H. Sutarmidji SH, M.Hum participated as the Guest Speaker. The achievement in handling the covid-19 outbreak in West Kalimantan since the beginning to the implementation of new normal should be the model for other provinces. “So we will learn from West Kalimantan for the efforts carried out to be imitated by other regions in Indonesia,” said dr. Lula Kamal as the moderator of agenda themed” “The update from Expert: Zero Case Zone” by Virtual Conference in Data Analytic Room of West Kalimantan Governor Office. (Friday, July 3)
It is rare for the Head of Government pay attention on the diet for the covid-19 patients, dr. Lula Kamal said. She thanks to West Kalimantan Governor for the concern.
Governor of West Kalimantan conveyed the standard menu for patients are honey, papaya, banana, avocado and boiled egg. The menu can cure the disease at least in 21 days, Governor of West Kalimantan convinced. 
Handling the Covid-19, coordination between Regency/Municipality is required. Massive rapid test is also highly needed to cut the covid-19 outbreak. “I will text the Head of Health Office for 200 to 300 times a day for convincing the data movement in order to issue the regulation for covid-19 mitigation response immediately and effectively because whenever we are unguarded, we will loss a large cost,” he said.
Rapid test is done in every region in West Kalimantan. In the beginning of the outbreak, Pontianak city had 117 confirmed cases and predicted that 40% people will be affected. Recently, there is no confirmed case in 2 weeks at Pontianak City because of the rapid test done for 23.000 people. 
It is interesting that from 336 cases in West Kalimantan, 20% of cases are nurses and doctors. They should not be infected because they must know how to prevent the virus. 
Positivity Rate of West Kalimantan is about 82 %. We have to keep our immunity of patients by supplying the same diets. “I ask every hospital to send me picture of the diets for patients to make sure the appropriate meals. Then, I will evaluate how long time needed for the curing and the number of regions doing rapid test,” he said.
It can be said that West Kalimantan is the green zone, by not doing massively rapid test because there is no cases. The best part is not how to be a green zone from the beginning, but how to make red zone becoming orange to yellow to the green. He expressed.


Translated by Dian Sati, S.S.