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Eight Villages In Sanggau Are Now Enjoying Electricity

SANGGAU - The Governor of West Kalimantan, H. Sutarmidji, accompanied by Deputy Regent of Sanggau, Yohanes Ontot, Head of the Office of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mineral Resources of West Kalimantan Province, Dr. Syarif Kamaruzaman, General Manager of State Electricity Company (PLN) Main Unit for West Kalimantan, Johanes Avila Ari Dartono, inaugurated electricity for 8 villages in Meliau District, Sanggau Regency, Saturday (19/03/2022).

This inauguration is part of the PLN 2021 Fiscal Year Program which is intended for 82 villages throughout West Kalimantan.

“Meanwhile in the 2022 Fiscal Year there are only around 50 villages, hopefully that number will increase. After the electricity supply process in 82 villages has been completed, then the next 50 more villages are also completed, there are still 200 more villages in West Kalimantan that have not enjoyed electricity. I hope this can be realize quickly, even though the budget is expensive,” said H. Sutarmidji.

The governor will also seek to request an additional budget from the central government for the installation of village electricity throughout West Kalimantan.

“If necessary, the central government should not only budget Rp30-40 billion, but Rp500-600 billion. I will attempt to send a letter to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources People's Representative Council (DPR). We have representatives of the West Kalimantan people in Commission Vll, he will help fight for the village electricity installation budget will increase. We will also fight for the villages that haven’t got electricity yet and we will write to PLN to add a new electricity quota in West Kalimantan. West Kalimantan needs special attention because it is next door to the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN). It would so embarassing, IKN’s neighbor but most of the villages doesn’t have electricity. The point is,we will fight for the importance of the region. Until whenever, it will still be fought for because the APBD funds are not necessarily capable,” said H. Sutarmidji.

 The society is also expected to be able to use electricity effectively and efficiently. It is enough to use electricity as needed so that there is no spike in electricity bills in their homes.

"If it's morning, turn it off immediately. Don't let it on, the electricity will run out. Then, don't plug it here, plug it there, especially if there are children, it's dangerous," said H. Sutarmidji to all village people present.

On the same occasion, GM UIW West Kalimantan said that there were 8 villages in Meliau District, Sanggau Regency, which were inaugurated or received electicity, namely Papan Dua Village, Melawi Makmur Village, Lalang Village, Enggadau Village, Sungai Tembayo Village, Balai Tinggi Village, Meranggau village and Baru Lombak village, covering each village.

“Especially for the 8 villages that we inaugurated in Sanggau Regency, we built a medium voltage network of 87 kilometers, a low voltage network of 62 kilometers, there are 22 substations of transformers, costing Rp 30 billion,” explained GM UIW West Kalimantan.

Johanes advised to the villagers who were just enjoying electricity to always be careful in using electricity and keep prioritizing K3 which are safety, tension and electricity.

“There are 29 villagers in West Kalimantan who were electrocuted and more than half of them died in 2021. For 2022, there have been 3 who been electrocuted. So please be careful,” said Johanes.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Regent of Sanggau thanked the Governor of West Kalimantan and GW PLN UIW of West Kalimantan for inaugurating electricity for 8 villages in Meliau District.

“I really thankful to the Governor and GM of PLN West Kalimantan who have fought for electricity to enter the village. Based on our data, there are still 15 villages without electricity and there are 13 villages which the capital has not been electrified and 78% from 865 villages that already got electricity, there area 178 villages that haven’t got electricity at all. Hopefully the Government’s target in 2023 can provide electricity all over Indonesia can be realized soon,” Yohanes Ontot finished. (wnd/sma/cc/nm)

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